Monday, March 12, 2012

Recall of Good Start Gentle Formula

One lot of Good Start Gentle powdered infant formula is being recalled because of a bad odor. The affected formula is sold in a 23.2-oz. plastic package, and an expiration date of March 5, 2013.

There have been no adverse effects other than increased spitting up.

Families who have the product with the batch code and expiration date above should contact the Gerber Parents Resource Center at 1-800-487-7763 for replacement.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Bumbo Recall/Warning

A warning has come out on how to properly use a Bumbo. There have been reports of 28 children falling out of the chairs, including three skull fractures which occurred when children fell out of chairs that were on a table. This isn't a true recall, but just a reminder of how to safely use the Bumbo. Never place the Bumbo on an elevated surface such as a counter top or table, no matter how tempting it is. 

I loved my Bumbo and found it really helpful during that stage when babies want to sit up and be part of the action, but aren't quite strong enough to do it on their own. As long as it's used properly it can be great.